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Kyle Chmielewski 517-881-1095 /

Kyle is the Chief Flight Instructor of Spartan Wings. Kyle dreamed of flying since a very young age. By using a small flight simulator at home, he learned about the basics of flying until flew for the first time with the EAA Young Eagles at the age of 12. A few months after his first flight he began his flight training in Sarasota, Florida. He earned his Private Pilot License at the minimum age of 17 and then continued on with his training all the way through his Instrument and Multi-Engine flight instructor ratings. He flew for several companies in the Sarasota area before moving to Long Beach California to work as an intern at Flight Safety International in their Gulfstream programs. Over the period of a year and a half he earned type ratings in the Gulfstream IV and V aircraft. In 2011 he relocated to Lansing, Michigan to begin working as a First Officer for a large corporate flight department. In 2013 he was upgraded to the position of Captain at the same company where he currently flies a King Air 350 aircraft.

FAA Certificates/Ratings:

  • ATP, Commercial SEL
  • Type ratings: Gulfstream IV/V, King Air 350

Deanna McAlister 517-851-7047 or email at

Deanna is the one of the founding members of Spartan Wings, Inc. She started flying at age 15 and soloed 6 days after her 16th birthday. She flew freight commercially in MU-2s, BE-8Ts and Learjets, and even worked as a powerplant mechanic, mainly on Learjet CJ610 engines. Deanna came back to her passion for instructing in 1999, and subsequently founded Zircon Aviation Services, LLC in 2001. She received her training above her private certificate at Lansing Community College. She is also a member of EAA Chapter 55 at KTEW, and owns a 1960 Cessna 172A (aka "Tula").


FAA Certificates/Ratings:

  • Commercial Single Engine Land (SEL), Single Engine Sea (SES) and Multiengine Land (MEL)
  • Certified Flight Instructor, CFI Instrument, and Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI)
  • Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic

Hourly Rate: $45/Hobbs-hour



Brian J. Katko 517-290-3188

Brian began his flying career at the Mason airport in 1989. After completing his private and instrument ratings Brian went on to graduate from Lansing Community College’s aviation program. His previous aviation experience includes owning and operating an FBO and flight school, corporate and charter captain in various turboprops and jets, and Chief Pilot for an on-demand air charter company.

Brian has continuously maintained proficiency as a flight instructor on a part time basis since completing his flight instructor ratings at Lansing Community College. In addition to helping Spartan Wings members maintain currency and some to get their private pilot licenses he also has experience providing flight instruction to pilots pursing instrument, commercial, multi-engine, flight instructor ratings, and has experience preparing pilots for FAA required flight checks in turboprops and jets. He currently serves as a crew member on a family owned Learjet 60.

FAA Certificates/Ratings:

  • ATP, Commercial SEL and SES
  • CFI, CFII, AGI, and Multiengine Instructor (MEI)
  • Type Ratings: BeechJet 400A, LearJet 60 and Citation Sovereign


Hourly Rate: $45/Hobbs-hour



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