1. How do I join?

Please read the Bylaws and SOPs of our club prior to applying for membership. You will need to complete the Application forms Part 1 and Part 2, and supply copies of the information requested on those forms. Contact President David VanderMolen using the contact form on the membership inquiries page above. You will be admitted to the Association as soon as the paperwork is received and automatically subject to a 90 day probation period. If after 90 days, both the member and the association are comfortable with the arrangement, you will become a regular member.

2. What types of aircraft are available?

At this time we have a 2000 Piper Archer III. Your equity share will allow you access to all current and future aircraft you have been checked out to fly.


3. Can I join Spartan Wings as a student pilot?

Yes. Spartan Wings currently provides access to three instructors who are authorized to instruct members in Spartan Wings aircraft. Members may also inquire with the Board of Directors about adding an instructor to the authorized list. Additions to the authorized list of CFIs must be approved by our insurance company.


4. How often can I fly?

We use the Flight Circle Internet scheduling utility, which is linked directly to our main website. You can log on and schedule aircraft and instructors in half-hour increments. If you do not have access to the Internet, alternate arrangements can be made for you to schedule aircraft.

Members are NOT limited to a certain amount of rental time per day, week, or month, however, please see the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Section II for all information regarding scheduling.

Overnight trips to anywhere in the US and Canada are allowed. Flights over water are allowed provided the flight is at a safe-glide altitude to reach land. Trips are allowed up to 10 days including at most one (1) weekend. Longer trips may be allowed if requested and approved by the Board of Directors. You are responsible for any tie down fees, landing fees, etc. on your trip. Only one 48-hour block of continuous time may be scheduled within a 30-day period unless approved by the Scheduling Officer. Please refer to the current Bylaws and SOPs for any changes or modifications to the scheduling policies.


5. Who will be doing the maintenance on the aircraft?

We have an FAA certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic member who performs some of our routine maintenance. In addition she is also the Chief CFI. Larger repairs and annual inspections are currently performed by Beacon Aviation, located at Capital Region International Airport in Lansing (KLAN).

6. How much does it cost to join?

The equity fee to buy one share of the corporation is $1,050. This fee is refundable under some circumstances and is used for the down payment and cash reserves required to finance additional aircraft. We have additional membership categories. Our insurance policy requires that each flying member have an equity share of the company. For our Schedule of Fees please see Appendix III of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

7. Are there monthly dues?

Yes. The monthly dues (currently $80/month) pay for fixed costs of operations (principal and interest on financed aircraft, insurance, annual inspections, hangar fees and other fixed expenses). Monthly dues are paid in advance of the month. The dues are required to ensure that all fixed costs are paid even if the planes do not fly. For our Schedule of Fees please see Appendix III of our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Membership Class: Equity Fee: Monthly Dues:
Flying Membership $1050.00 $80.00

Family Membership:







Honorary Membership



Special CFI Membership $0.00 $0.00
CFI/Mechanic Membership $975.00 $75.00

8. Does the club have methods for recovering costs associated with a major repair?

Yes. The initiation fee and per hour rate includes reserve monies that may be used to cover major repairs. Should these reserve funds not be sufficient to pay for a major repair, the Board may elect to impose an additional fee on the membership to cover these extraordinary expenses.

9. Is it cheaper to rent aircraft than to become a member of Spartan Wings, Inc.?

The answer depends on how many hours you fly per year. When rental aircraft were available at Mason Jewett Airport in the year 2000, a 172 cost $100-110 wet per hobbs hour. As an extra benefit, all co-owners are covered by our insurance policy when flying our aircraft provided they follow the Bylaws and SOPs. Our deductible is $500 which the club will pay if you didn't break any club or FAA rule. Most insurance offered with rentals has a $5000 deductible.

10. What are the methods of paying dues and flight time?

The preferred method of payment is with a credit card. This will ensure your account is never overdue. Flights may be paid with a check provided the check is included in the flight book kept in the aircraft. Members will be invoiced by email or by postal mail if the member does not have email.


11. Does Spartan Wings, Inc. have an insurance policy to cover the aircraft and liability?

We have a $1 million policy. You will be covered by the policy provided you are in "good standing" with Spartan Wings, Inc. through its Bylaws, Standard Operating Procuedures (SOPs) and FAA Federal Aviation Regulations. Should you violate any company Bylaw, SOP or FAR and have an accident, you may not be covered and may be responsible for the damage. If you are covered, the Accident Committee may hold you responsible for the insurance deductible. That is, if you elect to take an aircraft against the SOP's currency requirements and have an accident, then you may be held responsible.

12. What types of currency requirements will I have to meet?

There are several categories in which members are required to maintain currency. They include Medical, Initial Checkout, Day Annual, Day VFR (3 landings within 90 days), Night Checkout, Night Annual, Night VFR (3 landings within 90 days), IFR IPC (6 approaches within 6 months), CFI Annual. A lapse in any category will require you to schedule your next flight with a Corporate CFI. Please read the Bylaws and SOPs carefully. Spartan Wings, Inc. has specific currency requirements above and beyond the FAA requirements. Each Checkout, Day or Night VFR currency is aircraft specific. Being checked out and current in one aircraft does not allow privileges in any other aircraft! You must maintain separate currency for each aircraft for Day VFR and Night VFR. Subsequent Annual Checkouts will apply to all aircraft.



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